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We Clean Multi-Family Housing In Snohomish County 

We clean Condominiums, Apartments, Townhomes, Hotels, and Office Building, and we do it all the time. Whether you only need sidewalks cleaned, or you want everything cleaned- ground surfaces, soft-wash siding, and roof wash- we’ve got it covered. To wash roofs and siding, we use our “Soft wash” system, which uses low pressure, high water flow or 8 plus gallons per minute, along with a perfect combination of cleaning solutions developed to kill algae, while not damaging the building.. For flatwork surface cleaning concrete we use our surface cleaning, specifically designed to wash and clean concrete.

Pressure Washing In the the greater Puget Sound Region

pressure washing is the most effective solution. Because we can pressurize water all the way up to 3,500 PSI. We are able to blast away the toughest grime and unsightly buildups of whatever else is around the outside of your property, leaving it clean like new.

Soft Wash

soft washing, which applies cleaning solutions, allows us to preserve both the appearance of, and inherent value stored in the materials used to build your home.

Hot Water

Now, say you’ve got some really tough oil stains, or gum that’s been trampled into the sidewalk outside your office building or store for months? Well, because Puget Power Washing, LLC believes investing back into our business to make sure we’re able to provide quality, competitive services, we also offer Hot Water power washing. With a diesel heater that produces 200-degree water in under a minute, we’re able to blast those resilient surface stains almost-boiling water to make sure it looks like that concrete was just poured last week.