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3 tips for Property Managers Considering Mid-Rise Apartment Building Roof Cleaning in Seattle, WA

Roof Cleaning is an important point of maintenance for any commercial building. For this particular project, we were hired to clean the roof for several reasons aside from the main purpose and benefit of general maintenance. Several weeks earlier- before we cleaned the roof, there was actually a fire on this roof. A tenant smoking on the viewing deck, decided they would dispose of the finished cigarette into a crispy, dry raised garden bed. Luckily the fire was extinguished before any serious damage happened to the building.

Several weeks later, here we are cleaning the roof for post-fire restoration and general roof maintenance. 

Here are some general tips for Seattle property managers to keep in mind when cleaning the roof of a mid-rise apartment building in Seattle, WA. 

1. Be sure to communicate to your tenants that there will be a maintenance vendor working within specific time frame. At our company, Puget Power Washing LLC, we have prewritten emails that you can send to your tenants as a courtesy; in them, we include all of the info that you will need to inform your tenants about what to expect. Although we are working on the roof, and it may seem out of the way- it can still be a little noisy at times.

2. Do not hire a contractor that is planning to pressure wash your roof. Gone are the days of blasting everything off the roof at high pressure. We use a softwash system to apply soaps specifically designed to clean your roof safely and rid it of all the organic growth, and also prevent it from coming back any time soon. 

3. Make sure the contractor that you hire is going to clean and bag all of the debris, dirt, and moss- taking it off the roof; you do not want a cleaning contractor to rinse everything down the catch basin or gutters. It is critical to the health of your building, to ensure that your catch basins and roof drains stay clear of debris, otherwise water can begin to pool on the roof finding its own path of least resistance (through the roof and into the building). 

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  1. Some other important details like cleaning the roof can reduce cooling costs for the building. It can also make the roof last longer by removing biological growths thatgrom into the f Tg offing breaking it down.

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