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What’s Included in our Roof cleaning service:

  • Gently clean off debris and loose moss with backpack blower
  • Moss treatment- our moss treatment is guaranteed, when treating the moss, the color changed when it is effective. We use the color change as an indicator that we have successfully remediated the moss, algae and other organic growth.
  • Property protection, we ensure that your property is going to be in good hands and we take the extra steps to ensure there is no damage in the process of cleaning your roof.
  • Employee safety, all of the technicians have been taught how to perform roof tasks at the highest level of safety. We use top of the line equipment to ensure our team members are safe.
  • Photos- not everyone knows exactly what their roof looks like, or what condition its in. We can provide photos to show you exactly what is going on.

We provide Residential and commercial service:

  • Composite Roof Cleaning
  • Metal Roof Cleaning
  • Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning
  • Tile Roof Cleaning
  • TPO Roof Cleaning

Puget Power Washing LLC excels in keeping your roof properly maintained, clean, safe, and beautiful! 

We can Restore your ROOF in Edmonds, WA and surrounding areas. 

A build up of moss, lichen, and debris can cause damage to your roof by holding in moisture to your roof, which causes roof rot and structural damage. By neglecting a roof cleaning, you can prematurely expose your roof to expensive repairs and an undesired replacement. With our roof cleaning treatment we allow bring years of life back to your roof. 

  • Our roof cleaning package beings with an assessment of the roof and analyzing what needs to be done to properly maintain your roof so that we can breathe years of life back into your roof investment.
  • Once we analyze what needs to be done, we remove all loose debris from the roof by hand and with a blower.  
  • We apply our soft wash solution using extremely low pressure commercial grade cleaning equipment. 
  • We pay extremely close attention to your garden beds and plant life around your home. People who aren’t particularly careful with this part of the project often see the consequence of killing plant life. 
  • We offer a guarantee that this roof treatment will properly remove and kill moss. If it doesn’t you can call us back within 6 months because customer satisfaction is our main goal. 

80% of roofs are replaced prematurely due to lack of education on what services are available for roof maintenance